Build Your Own - Syren "Element" Carbon Ice Rod



The Syren "Element" is a solid carbon med ice rod. Strong med power with fast action means a sensitive tip with powerful hooksets. This rod can handle the good headshakes. Great sensitivity with the solid carbon rod and a good backbone. Great for huge panfish, walleye, Bass, smaller northern, and trout! This rod is perfect for jigging raps, jigging heavier jigs and dead sticking for walleye.

Please allow 4 weeks to build and ship!!!

Options on this rod include:

Length: Choose from 34", 32", 30", and 28"

Wrap colors - Stock picture shows the 2 color options, main wrap color and accent color. See color chart in OPTIONS

Wrap color on tip can be same as main wraps or it can be a high visibility neon color. See color chart in OPTIONS

Grip Options include:
See all rod options HERE
    Standard Cork Split Grip, 5" Straight Standard Cork, Standard Black EVA, Premium Cork Split Grip, and 5" Straight Premium Cork/EVA Grip. All grips have the option to have grooves in them for a better feel with the Cold Snap Reel Wraps.
    Also available are VSS Style Short Reel Seats and Fuji Slim Reel Seats.

    Guide options include:
    See all rod options HERE
    1. Fuji Ceramic insert guides - Black, Line goes nice and smooth over guides.
    2. Wire Fly guides - Chrome or black, Less chance of ice up when fishing out in the open. Feature a Pacific Bay Minima For the first guide. Black Wire Guides adds $5.00
    3. Recoil Titanium wire guides - Light weight, can bend and they return to original shape, Less chance of ice up. Adds $30.00