Hook, Line, & Threader #10 Kit


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The system works with live and soft plastic baits. The unique design of the threader tool allows anglers to follow the intestinal tract of live baitfish from the mouth to the vent; hook the loop of the leader onto the threader and pull back through, placing the hook mid-body concealing the shaft of the hook inside the body of the baitfish. Done correctly, the baitfish lives for hours swimming naturally and there is no loss of bait when casting or trolling. The threader can also be used on live night crawlers, shrimp, shiners, ballyhoo, and leeches.

All soft plastic artificial baits are done much the same way allowing the angler to place the hook anywhere in the bait the angler prefers, designing simple or complex unique bait rigs/harnesses.

Hook Line & Threader’s double-pronged hooks allow for natural presentation in live baitfish and turning the hooks upward allows for a weedless application.

Right now I am offering 2 sizes. #10 for crappie minnows and #6 for shiners.
  • 1 Precision Anodized Threader with Floating Bobber Top
  • 3 Double-Pronged Hooks #10
  • 3 Small Shad Baits, 1 Pre-Threaded