Terms & Conditions

All sales are final. All custom built long rods require a non refundable down payment before work will be started, This down payment is non refundable and is used to cover costs in the event that a customer does not complete a purchase. Custom rods are hard to sell to another customer, most guys named Bill do not want a rod that says Mary on it. Build time varies and I try to get long rods out within 6 weeks of order date. It usually only takes 2 but having a 6 week window helps if I have a lot of builds going on at once.

Ice rods are to be paid in full before work is started. Build time varies for each build. You can expect to receive your rod(s) within a week but up to 4 weeks. I try to get them out as fast as possible.


Rod blank and Component warranties vary by manufacturer; all workmanship is warrantied for the life of the rod. Syren Custom Rods, LLC reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim due to misuse or abuse. Most of the blank manufacturers have a separate warranty on the blanks. If a rod breaks under normal fishing conditions either myself or the customer can send a section of the rod in to be evaluated. If the rod blank did break due to a fault in the blank I will rebuild the rod cost free on labor. Syren Custom Rods, LLC and the manufacturers that we use will not warranty and rods that have broken to do extreme bending, high sticking, pinching, impact, or any other non-normal use issues. The rods are analyzed and it is easy to see a failure from abuse.